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The Resolution

Resolved: A just social order ought to place the principle of equality above that of liberty.

I am offering the following analysis free of charge to high school Lincoln-Douglas debaters. However, as specified under implied copyright laws, no debate brief developer or publisher may use this analysis without my permission. Also, if you use this info in your cases, please e-mail me a copy of them. Don't worry, I'm not going to pirate them, but I just feel that if I give you free information, you should return the favor.

General Info

A fitting resolution to wring in the new year. At first, I thought this resolution was unique. However, I then realized that I had debated two other resolutions last year that were similar, one to a greater extent than the other. Last year's September/October resolution, although superficially different, carries the same philsophical implications as this one. That's one: but what's the other one? Give up? Texas debaters should remember last year's UIL resolution (Resolved: Gender equity is essential to legitimate democracy.) The legitimate democracy would be the just social order, and gender equity would be the principle of equality.

This is THE LD resolution. In fact, most other topics have this conflict at their hearts. Note: this resolution is not about conflicting claims. The absence of the word conflict coupled with that term's recent use leads me to feel fairly confident in this assertion.

Key Terms

The following definitions are not from any dictionary, as they are simply meant to highlight the differences between the Aff and Neg perspective. For your cases, consult a real dictionary.


Here are some Affirmative possibilities and their related arguments (they are in no particular order). Rather than use these as values, as them as criteria to the value of a just social order.


Here are some Negative criteria possibilities (once again, no particiular order.)

See ya' later....

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