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The Resolution

Resolved: Civil disobedience is justified in a democracy.

I am offering the following analysis free of charge to high school Lincoln-Douglas debaters. However, as specified under implied copyright laws, no debate brief developer or publisher may use this analysis without my permission.

General Info

If the resolution contained only the first four words, it would be ideally balanced. However, I feel that the addition of the phrase "in a democracy" swings the resolution ever so slightly toward the neg. Nevertheless, I like this one. Not too narrow, not too broad. Since this is the resolution that most people use for NFL District Qualifiers ans state tournaments, it couldn't have come at a better time. There's not much else to say in this section. On Aff, I think the best cases will stress the peremptory importance of individual autonomy, while negs should argue that order is absolutely essential to the preservation of democracy.

This topic is much like last year's March/April resolution, in that it asks whether the individual or society is more important.

Key Terms

The following definitions are not from any dictionary, as they are simply meant to point you in the right direction.


Here are some Affirmative possibilities and their related arguments (they are in no particular order). There's not much on the Aff, but each idea is realtively deep and offers many avenues for digression.


Here are some Negative possibilities (once again, no particular order.)

Sorry it's so short, but I really couldn't think of any other good angles that I am willing to give away. Good luck.

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